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Posture Correctors

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In the modern world, everyone is looking to keep their posture straight. Our line or posture correctors are well designed and manufactured to cater for a wide range of users who are looking for exciting ways to better correct their posture and to avoid injury.
Inflatable – Air inflatable for better fitment, Breathable – Air mesh material, Comfortable – shoulder pads to improve comfort, Adjustable – Adjustable magic tape
//Posture Correctors

Posture Correctors Types

Back support posture corrector

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Lower back support posture corrector

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Adjustable back posture corrector

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Removable Shoulder Support Belt

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Adjustable Back Shoulder Posture Corrector

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Adjustable Shoulder Spine Support

Your Custom Brand High Quality

Your Custom Brand High Quality
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Posture Correctors for a strong back

Posture correctors are one of the most widely used fitness accessories, both in the medical and fitness industry. The market for high-quality customizable posture correctors is huge.

A proper posture corrector should be able to both be comfortable enough to wear for a prolonged period of time and to be rigid enough to correct the posture of the user. This is where our range of customizable posture correctors come into play. There are many types of posture correctors that we develop, ranging from inflatable ones to standard ones. Each of these can be customized to your branding.

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We Offer Custom Colors, Materials, Sizes, Branding

Here’s the second-best thing about buying from a manufacturer. We can customize your products and orders to a color you want, and in sizes you want. We can even change the materials to what sells best in your market. And if you don’t know what we offer to custom brand your business, we have the technology to do silk screen printing, do embossing-debossing, making woven labels and embroidery, and even do laser printing.

Customize colors

Do you have your own colors in mind? No problem! We can customize colors.

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Do you want your wholesale ordered supplies in different sizes? We got you!

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Perhaps, your consumers request specific different materials. We can do that too.

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No product is yours until you brand it! Let’s stamp your brand on every product.

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We are Outdoors Partners. If you wonder why we have the lowest price, this is how we did it. We go back to a whopping 15 years to where we started as a manufacturer. And now we have accumulated many strengths, that we now use to produce our goods in excellent quality, but at a low price. From collecting raw materials to delivering your products, we have figured out the best routes to take. And that has brought us here to provide you with a service that is loved and wanted. Growing over the years, upscaling every day, we also got certified for our quality standards with BSCI /REACH CE /FDA certifications.

The international market was a dream we realized 10 years ago. We have sales coming in every single day, from clients speaking so many different languages. We are very happy to see you coming in from many parts of the world. And these clients always have something unique they want. That’s why we keep improving our technology to the latest update to even have laser printing to stamp your brand sharp and smooth onto your products. You join us – you grow! Welcome to grow!
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Nobody asks that question. Everybody knows we are a manufacturer with a line of high-tech factories manufacturing outdoors and health and fitness products.
People are not familiar with these terms. That’s Original equipment manufacturing, where you custom brand our products. And Original Design Manufacturing, where you bring your own design to get it manufactured from us. And yes! We excel in both.
Of course, you can. But the process goes as you first pay us to send your sample and we refund it when you purchase your bulk order.
For finished samples in stock, the lead time is 3-5 days once we receive the sample fee. And if it’s an OEM sample, it will take about 7-10 days for production.
We do sign the following at your request.

– Confidentiality agreement
– Full refund agreement
– Quality assurance agreement
– International trade legal contract

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