5 Great Reasons to Choose Neoprene Finger Splints for Fractures

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You might have used a splint or support at least once in your life to relieve pain and get heal your body parts. And this is the same for finger splints as well since they are here to help your fingers stay in one place. There are various types of finger splints on the market right now to help these patients. But in this article, we will talk about what are the benefits of choosing neoprene finger splints for fractures. Since neoprene is kind of a new product, many do not know the benefits it offers. Due to these reasons, neoprene is on the rise as one of the best materials to use for a lot of products.

So let’s find out what about this material in detail before diving into the benefits of neoprene finger splints. Doing this will give you a better idea of why these splints are different than the others in the market. Later on, this post will show you why exactly you should choose neoprene finger splints for fractures. And the points found there will surely convince you to buy them instead of the other finger splints.

What is Neoprene?

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Neoprene is a rubber compound that was first made in the early 1950s. A wide variety of products contains neoprene, such as swimwear, jackets, gloves, and other garments. It stretches up to five times its original length, making it the ideal material for stretchy products. It’s also breathable, which makes it great for people who are active outdoors. It has been used in numerous products because of these characteristics.

Because of its high durability, neoprene has become a major material today for its use in the medical industry. A lot of medical products such as braces, back supports, posture correctors, and much more contain neoprene today. And the same goes for finger splints for fractures as well. Since now we know about neoprene, let’s find out what makes it the perfect material for finger splints.

5 Great Reasons to Buy Neoprene Finger Splints for Fractures

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1. Durability

Since neoprene is a durable product, its characteristics pass down to the products that use it as a raw material. So neoprene finger splints are much more durable that their counterparts. Therefore it can last long without any breakage while giving the wearer a high usage time. Due to this reason, the wearer does not need to replace the finger splint as much as other times when they do not choose a neoprene one. This cost-effectiveness of neoprene is one of the main advantages that every product that it contains as a raw material has in the market.

2. Adjustability

Neoprene is a flexible material that can stretch a lot. And great flexibility of material goes a long way to help these types of medical products. Because flexibility leads to adjustability, a must-need characteristic of a splint. Because if they aren’t adjustable, then the splints can’t provide the help the finger needs to heal. And this goes for every medical product similar to splints and support. Also, keep in mind that adjustability does not mean that they will cause looseness leading to the non-effectiveness of the splinting procedure. It just helps the wearer to adjust and keep the splint in the right place all the time.

3. Comfortability

With good adjustability, comfort also comes along as a great benefit. Because of this reason neoprene finger splints are known for their comfort. The high demand for these neoprene medical products is a direct result of this feature that you can find in these products. Medical products that use other materials do not provide great comfort when the user tends to wear them for a longer time. But neoprene has great comfort and does not fade after a certain period of time. Also, neoprene medical products have become a regular recommendation from medical experts due to these reasons.

4. Good Hygiene

Neoprene as a material is water-resistant and easy to clean. Due to these reasons, they provide great hygiene compared to other materials. Because it is not easy as you think to properly wash germs off these splints and supports. Sometimes the germs still remain even after a thorough wash. But this is not the same when it comes to neoprene products as they are easily washable and germs will just wash away. Able to provide good hygiene is a must-have feature of any medical product like these splints and support that gets attached to our body for longer durations as they can cause infections and skin irritations.

Opportunities in Buying Wholesale Neoprene Finger Splints for Fractures

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