How to choose the right weightlifting gloves for your gym routine?

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Need a hand choosing the right-fit weightlifting gloves for your workouts? If it is your very first time purchasing weightlifting gloves, you may have no clue as to which one to purchase. Asking your gym buddies about weightlifting gloves is a big no. Weightlifting gloves are not something like a one-fit-for-all. So, even though a certain type may fit your friend while it may not the right one for you. Once you read the article, you will know how to choose the perfect weightlifting gloves for your personal use. Before getting into that, let us find out why you will be needing the weightlifting gloves in the first place.

Why should I get weightlifting gloves?

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It is not an absolute necessity to wear weightlifting gloves. Moreover, you may find that working out with your bare hands, is more convenient. However, weightlifting gloves are there to add an extra layer of protection to your hands. Plus, it will save you from any unfortunate gym injuries. Surely, you do not want anything to come between your gym routine let alone take even a brief hiatus. Due to the extra cushioning from the weightlifting gloves for your hands, you will find the gym routine to be more convenient than ever.

Remember that choosing weightlifting gloves is a personal matter. For instance, if you feel that a full glove with wrist wraps are to be uncomfortable, you can get half-finger weightlifting gloves which are ideal for your gym routine. If you feel that your weightlifting gloves are weighing you down, it means it is not the right one for you. So, you have to research a bit more before getting the workout gloves on impulse. Fear not as once you read this article you will know how to get the perfect gloves for your personal training session. Scroll down, to find the factors that you have to keep in mind before purchasing any gloves.

5 factors to consider before purchasing the weightlifting gloves

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Size and design

Foremost of all, you have to decide on how the size and design of the weightlifting glove that you expect to have. There are a variety of sizes and designs available including open, half, closed, and so on. Among all of these, when it comes to weightlifting, half or fingerless gloves are ideal. Since your fingers are free from the gloves, your movements won’t be restricted and you will feel the airflow through your fingers. This design help with sweating and facilitates a good grip amidst your workout routine. If you are purchasing gloves for other than weightlifting gym routines, you can give it a go for other designs.

Right fit

Surely, you already have an experience with blisters and calluses over these years. This is sort of common if you are doing your weightlifting workouts with your bare hands. If you already have your weightlifting gloves on, this could happen when they are not the right fit for your hands. Blisters and calluses are a sign of too much pressure on your hands. In general, when you are weight training the gloves should not move around all over your hands or palms. Thus, make sure to get gloves that fit right into your hands like the second skin. Remember that the gloves should not be either too loose or too tight when you wore them.

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Oftentimes, people tend to overlook the fabric materials which the weightlifting gloves are made of. In terms of weightlifting, the material of the glove should be sturdy while offering a tight grip. A slippery material will not offer the secure support you need at all. At the same time, the fabric material should be lightweight, so it won’t restrict your movement while you are working out and lifting weights. When it comes to the fabric material, neoprene weightlifting gloves would be ideal. It can absorb sweat while increasing mobility and flexibility amidst your gym workouts.

Wrist support

No one can foresee a future and the best you can do is to avoid them at all costs. In that sense, enduring extra weight could lead to injuries if you go straight to weight training without adding extra support to your wrists. Thus, before the occurrence of any unfortunate damage to the bones, and muscles of your wrists, make sure to add extra support for your wrists. This will help you to reduce the extra burden on your wrists. In general, you will feel fine in your usual weightlifting session until your coach max the weight in the next session. This is where weightlifting gloves with adjustable wrist support can benefit your training session.


When you are out shopping for gym accessories, there is no way you can ignore the cost. However, do not just give up the idea of getting weightlifting gloves as they will be the sole support to protect your hands from your intense training session. And, you do not have to spend a fortune on weightlifting gloves as you can easily find affordable good deals out there. So, you can easily choose a pair of gloves that won’t exceed your budget limits. However, do not forget that your hands are precious foremost everything. Thus, do not hesitate to spend a little more on weightlifting gloves to reach your gym goals more easily.

Parting Thoughts!

Now, you know the things that you have to keep in mind in order to get the right weightlifting gloves. Surely, you have to get rid of the idea of purchasing them on an impulse as now you know the importance of them. Remember that not all gloves are manufactured in the same way. So, make sure to get the best gloves and other gym accessories from a renowned manufacturer. Having the right accessories will enhance your chances of reaching your weightlifting dreams.

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