Where to Find Wholesale Custom-Printed Yoga Mats for Your Studios

Yoga mats have become an essential item for regular yoga practitioners in recent times. Since it brings a lot of health both physical and mental benefits, yoga is one of the most popular practices today. So you can see many yoga studios popping up in your local areas. If you are also someone who owns a yoga studio, then you might know the importance of wholesale custom-printed yoga mats. Because it gives a unique brand identity to the studio as you will have customized yoga mats. But there aren’t many businesses that provide these custom yoga mats as they are a niche in the industry. Also, you won’t be able to find a quality business out of them to purchase these custom yoga mats easily.

So many yoga studio owners face a dire situation when it comes to buying wholesale custom-printed yoga mats. And that is why we are writing this small post to bring awareness and answer your questions. Because this post will contain all the information you need before purchasing custom yoga mats. So you will be able to get the best products for your business to enjoy a plethora of benefits. Because an increase in brand awareness and value is always food for a business of any type. Therefore let’s learn how to choose the best supplier to buy your wholesale custom-printed yoga mats.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Yoga Mats Supplier

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1. OEM & ODM Services

Original equipment manufacturing or OEM and original design manufacturing or OEM are some of the unique services that should be present in manufacturers who make custom products. Because these services provide the ability to create a custom product from scratch for the customer. So designing and manufacturing wholesale custom-printed yoga mats become easier than anything. Therefore now you can provide all the logos, colors, and designs you want from your yoga mats to the manufacturer and then they will be able to create the perfect product for your business. But make sure to choose an experienced seller who offers these services that will provide you with an overall quality product.

2. MOQ

Secondly, when choosing a custom yoga mats supplier, it’s important to know their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Because if you are planning to order in bulk, you need to be sure that the supplier you’re about to purchase from can accommodate your needs.

A good way to determine this is by checking out their previous clients’ orders. If you see a large number of orders, then it means that the supplier can accommodate larger orders. On the other hand, if you see only a few orders, then it means that they can’t accommodate many orders. So make sure you choose a supplier who can accommodate your needs.

Do not assume that a custom yoga mats supplier will have a huge stock because they have many customers. Most of the time, they sell directly to their customers and they don’t have much stock in their warehouse.

3. Lead Time

This is the time it takes for a custom yoga mats supplier to prepare your mats after receiving your order. The lead time will be the same as the time it takes to produce the mats. It may be from one week to two months. It is best to choose a custom yoga mat supplier that has a short lead time. This will save you from waiting for long. 4. Shipping Time: This is the time it takes for a custom yoga mats supplier to send your order. This will include the time it takes to ship the order and the time it takes to receive the order.

4. Price

When choosing a custom yoga mat supplier, price should be one of your considerations. It’s important to know whether you want to spend more money on your yoga mat or if you would rather spend less money and get a higher-quality mat. It’s also important to know whether you’re looking for a good deal or a high-quality mat. You can check out the reviews of the products that the supplier offers on their website. You can also ask them about the prices that they charge and compare them with the prices of other suppliers.

Parting Thoughts!

If you were to consider these 4 factors when buying wholesale custom-printed yoga mats, then you will be able to purchase the best products possible for affordable prices. But keep in mind all these factors should be present in the manufacturer you choose to enjoy all these benefits. Because if not, then its completely useless. However, it’s not that easy to find good manufacturers in this industry as we said above. Luckily for you, this is already one of the best places to purchase wholesale custom-printed yoga mats in the world.

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